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KPK Arts and Science Educator Jobs Add 2018

NTS has uploaded advertisement for the Recruitment of Fresh Educator in School education Department  2018. To Download Advertisement   Click Here Jobs in Elementary & Secondary Education Department ESED KPK for Teaching staff 2018 Vacant Positions : Junior School Teacher Junior School Teacher pay is near about 42000 rupees.Qualification for Junior School …

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School Education Department (SED) Syllabus 2018/2019 Class 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 & Educational Calendar 2018/2019

School Education Department issued Syllabus 2018 Class one to 10th. Each School Follow these Monthly Syllabus and Prepare Classes. School Education Department (SED) Syllabus 2018 Class Nursery سلیبس برائے جماعت نرسری ریاضی واقفیت عامہ انگلش اردو ماہ درسی کتاب کا صفحہ نمبر              1           تا                     6 اللہ تعالی ایک ہے       انبیاء …

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SED Educational Calendar 2018

In new Taleemi Calendar, following points should be Focus: Previous distributions method of syllabus 2017 as in Taleemi calendar 2017 also been kept in view during the revision of the new Taleemi calendar 2018. Punjab text book board latest edition has been consolidate to revise the new Taleemi calendar 2018, …

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House Rent Allowance Govt. Employees Summary Approved By CM Punjab

Latest good news for all government employee is that a new summary is going to be approved which gives House Requisition House Rent Allowance to all the government Servants in Punjab Province. Cabinet Committee for Finance and Development has extended this decision of summary by CM Punjab. The notification will …

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SED Syllabus for Assessment 2018 Class 3-4-5 & Educational Calendar 2018

Syllabus April 2018 Class-3            اسلامیات :-     نماز،قبلہ اور مسجد۔ ریاضی :- باب   2   اور   3  جنرل نالج :-  باب  2  English Syllabus 2018 April :- Noun, Adjective,     Essay : My Self , Write the name of five things.  اردو :- سبق نمبر  5سے   6  بمعہ مشق …

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Latest Exide Battery Price List 2018

EXIDE PAKISTAN LIMETED IS THE No.1 LARGEST MANUFACTURER,S OF LEAD BATTERIES AND ACID ELECTRIC STORAGE BATTERIES IN PAKISTAN EXIDE is the best quality batteries brand in all over Pakistan. EXIDE batteries are availed in all big and small cities of Pakistan. EXIDE battery is a very best in performance and long batteries life with 6 six months …

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