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Master Trainer jobs 2017 (ADU) Govt of Punjab 2017

Govt of Punjab decided to launch Training Academy in each Cluster.Each CTSC Converted into Training Academy.  Selection of Trainers for ADU (Academic Development Unit) at each CTSC in all over the Punjab in following 8 Subject.

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology
  4. English
  5. Urdu
  6. Social Studies
  7. Islamiyat
  8. Maths

The selection criteria is 

1.Minimum Master Degree in relevant subject of selection
2.Minimum 3 years teaching experience in Government Schools
3. Preference given to those teachers Majority of teachers of cluster like him.

Trainer Selection Plan for Academic Development unit

1. Meeting with CEO & DMO is conducted in each DTSC  timing 20-04-2017 .


Participants are DTSC Head , CEO, DMO, TE (A&F).

2. Meeting with CTSC Head in each DTSC 21-04-2017

Participants are DTSC Head , TE , CTSC Heads , DEO (SE)

3. Meeting of all teachers of attached schools and teacher of school without primary portion in each CTSC 22-04-2017.

Participants are  DTEs , CTSC Heads , Dept.Rep, DMO Rep teachers of attach and un attach schools primary to high secondary school.

4. Preparation of trainer list by CTSC in each CTSC 24-04-2017

Participants are  DTEs , CTSC Heads , Dept.Rep. DMO Rep.

5. Preparation of trainer list by DTSC in each DTSC 25-04-2017

Final List Submission to DSD Through Email to cc (R&DL) 26-04-2017

Request to all DTEs Mention competent Teacher for as a Master Trainer because these Master Trainer Helps DTEs in CTSC Training Academies.

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